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Dr. Jeri Anderson

Sacramento Chiropractor Dr. Jeri Anderson has helped chiropractic patients from all walks of life: from Olympic and professional athletes, Grammy winners and business leaders to newborn babies, 101-year-old seniors and four-generation families!

We want to help you experience life at 100%, giving you the ability to take charge of your well-being.

Why Capitol Chiropractic? Because chiropractic can bring out the best in you, from pain relief to optimal function and performance. Your pain can be relieved, and you can improve the quality of your overall health and life.

Why choose Dr. Jeri? Because she knows that each of us deserves to live the best life possible. She has been in practice for nearly thirty years and has helped people experiencing a wide range of concerns and needs. Dedicated to helping you feel better, Dr. Jeri is here to provide top-quality care with techniques suitable for everyone.

Can chiropractic help you? Let’s find out now! Contact us today for a FREE, no hassle, initial consultation. We invite you to read through some of our patient reviews to discover more about what Dr. Jeri has done for the people of our community.

Whiplash Relief

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